AMPPS 1.7 released

AMPPS 1.7 is now available for download.AMPPS is an Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python and Softaculous STACK for desktops and office servers (localhost).what’s new in this version?

Now one click update for AMPPS binary is available.
supports SSL.
While adding a domain in AMPPS, it gives an option to add an entry to Host File.
FTP Users can be created and managed with the help of FTP Account & Manage FTP in Enduser respectively.
Active / Inactive Status for mod_ssl, FTP Server in Status Page.
Select / Deselect Scripts as per the Category in the Admin Software page.
When a package is downloaded now it will show the mirror from which it is being downloaded.
API Improvement of scripts.
Language Translation improved in some scripts.
Package unzipping improved.
Admin can specify a seperate FROM E-mail Address and Admin E-mail Address.
Email Settings Ajaxified in enduser.
Now any path can be specified in Domain Path while adding a domain.

Download AMPPS 1.7

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