Advanced Renamer Batch File Renaming Application

Advanced Renamer is a free batch file renaming software designed for Windows. With Advanced Renamer, you can effortlessly rename multiple files and folders, including their names, attributes, and timestamps, all at once, utilizing 14 distinct methods. Beyond mere renaming, the software enables you to efficiently copy and move all files simultaneously. It boasts features such as Unicode and UTF8 support, tag-based renaming, real-time renaming preview, support for EXIF data and ID3, as well as the incorporation of regular expressions and wildcards to generate new file names through JavaScript.

Advanced Renamer

To access Advanced Renamer, you can download and install it through the link provided below. The software is also available as a portable app, with a size of approximately 15MB.

Download Advanced Renamer:

Additional useful features include support for custom batch script renaming, the ability to change the case of filenames, removal of filename patterns, replacement and trimming of parts of filenames, renumbering, and swapping.

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