7 Best Free Defragmentation Softwares

Auslogics Disk Defrag:

Auslogics Disk Defrag stands out as a compact and high-speed defragmentation software. Noteworthy features include:

Defragment & Optimize: Enhance disk performance through efficient defragmentation and optimization.
Free Space Consolidation: Streamline storage by consolidating free space on your disk.
System Files Smart Placement: Optimal placement of system files for improved overall system performance.
MFT Reserved Zone Maintenance: Ensure clarity by keeping the MFT Reserved Zone clear and organized.
Single File or Folder Defragmentation: Target specific files or folders for a more customized defragmentation experience.
List of Fragmented Files: Get a comprehensive list of fragmented files for easy management.
Auto-Defragmentation Mode: Allow the software to automatically initiate defragmentation when needed.
Scheduled Defragmentation: Plan and schedule defragmentation tasks for convenience.
Customizing Disk Defrag: Tailor the disk defragmentation process to meet your specific preferences.

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Defraggler is a compact and portable Windows application that supports NTFS and FAT32 file systems. Key features include:

Defragment Exactly What You Want: Target specific items for precision defragmentation.
Safe and Secure: Ensure the safety of your data during the defragmentation process.
Small and Lightweight: Experience a streamlined and lightweight application for efficient use.
Interactive Drive Map: Visualize and analyze the defragmentation process through an interactive drive map.
Free Space Defragmentation: Optimize free space on your disk for improved performance.
Scheduled Defragmentation: Plan and schedule defragmentation tasks to fit your routine.

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UltraDefrag is the pioneering disk defragmenter for Windows, supporting defragmentation of locked system files during the Windows boot process. Key features include:

Boot-Time Defragmentation: Defragment locked system files, including registry hives and page-file, during the Windows boot process.
Supports Various File Systems: Works seamlessly with NTFS, FAT16, and FAT32 file systems.
Removable Disk Compatibility: Defragment and optimize any removable disk, such as floppy disks, USB drives, and memory cards.
Dynamic Graphical Display: Visualize the defragmentation process through a dynamic graphical display.
Customizable Options: Tailor the defragmentation and optimization settings to your preferences.

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Smart Defrag:

Smart Defrag, a free defragging tool from IObit, offers user-friendly features for efficient disk optimization:

Easy to Use: User-friendly interface makes disk optimization accessible to all users.
Efficient Defragmentation: Enhance system performance through an effective defragmentation process.
Optimize Disk Performance: Improve overall disk performance for a smoother user experience.
Always-On Automation: Run automatic defragmentation processes to maintain optimal performance consistently.
Data Safe and Reliability Guaranteed: Ensure the safety of your data with reliable defragmentation.

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MyDefrag, a freeware disk defragmenter and optimizer for Windows, offers a fast, low-overhead solution with compatibility:

Fast and Low Overhead: Enjoy a fast and efficient defragmentation process with minimal system impact.
Compatibility: Handle various storage media, including floppies, USB disks, and memory sticks.
User-Friendly Scripts: Included easy-to-use scripts for end users, with a scripting engine for advanced users.
Screensaver Functionality: Use the screensaver version for a visually appealing defragmentation display.
Scheduled Tasks: Schedule defragmentation tasks using the Windows task scheduler or administrator scripts.

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Disk SpeedUp:

Disk SpeedUp is a comprehensive tool designed for the analysis, defragmentation, and optimization of disks or individual files and folders, all aimed at achieving optimal computer performance. This software offers several key features:

Analysis Capability: Disk SpeedUp excels in its ability to thoroughly analyze drives, providing valuable insights into the degree of fragmentation present before initiating the defragmentation process. This allows users to make informed decisions based on the current state of their drives.

Intuitive Drive Map: Opting to analyze specific drives provides users with an intuitive drive map, offering a visual representation of the extent of fragmentation. This feature enhances user understanding, making it easier to identify and address fragmentation issues effectively.

Enhanced Visualization: After successfully defragmenting the disk, Disk SpeedUp provides users with a fresh perspective on the results through a newly generated view of the defragmented disk analysis. This enhanced visualization helps users assess the positive impact of the defragmentation process on their disk’s overall performance.

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Puran Defrag

Puran Intelligent Optimizer – PIOZR: Elevating System Performance

Puran Intelligent Optimizer (PIOZR) is a robust tool crafted to enhance system efficiency through a range of intelligent features:

Directories Consolidation for Speed Boost: PIOZR efficiently consolidates directories, delivering a substantial speed boost to your system’s overall performance.

Optimization by Freeing Space: Experience optimized disk performance as PIOZR intelligently frees up space, ensuring efficient utilization of your storage resources.

Automatic Defragmentation for Worry-Free Defrag: With automatic defragmentation, PIOZR takes the worry out of maintaining your system’s health, ensuring seamless and consistent defragmentation.

Boot Time Defragmentation for System Files like MFT: PIOZR conducts boot time defragmentation, targeting crucial system files like the Master File Table (MFT), optimizing system startup and responsiveness.

Low Priority Defrag for Work-While-Defrag Experience: Enjoy a smooth work experience even during defragmentation, thanks to PIOZR’s low-priority defrag, allowing you to continue your tasks without disruption.

Individual File/Folder Defrag for Selective Optimization: PIOZR empowers users with the ability to selectively defragment individual files or folders, providing a tailored optimization approach.

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    I recently purchased the full version of a commercial defragmenter (paid not free) and have set it to defragment in the background. It has an amazing feature that prevents most of the fragmentation from taking place. Besides that it also defrags under very less free space.

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