3 Best Free VPN Services

A VPN (virtual private network) enables your internet connection route through a third-party private network across a public network. Some advantages of using the VPN are improved security and privacy, encryption of your connection, accessing blocked websites or region specific websites and services. Note that it also have disadvantages like if the VPN’s speed is lower than your ISP’s speed then it can slow your internet.


Windscribe is the one of the best free VPN service. It provides good download speed and a lot of features. The free plan comes with 1 device connection, 8 locations, firewall, adblock, P2P and comes with 10GB/Month bandwidth.Supported platforms are Windows, Mac, iOS, Blackberry, Chrome, Firefox, Opera. Note that Linux and Android require Pro version.

Cyber Ghost

Cyber Ghost is also one of the top free VPN service in tech world. It provides unlimited Bandwidth but the speed is limited. The free version is available for Windows,Mac and Android only. Ios support and  P2P are available only from pro users. The free service offers access to morethan 14 countries. Note that the service is ad supported and 3 hours Forced disconnection feature.

Hide Me

Hide Me also provides great VPN services to his customers. It provides 2GB/Month bandwidth and the speed is avery good. the free service comes with 1 device connection at a time, 3 server locations. It doesn’t log any personal information.Supported platforms are Windows, Mac, Android, iOS.

Some other notable mentions are

Opera VPN

Avira Phantom VPN

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