Zim – graphical text editor

Zim is a free graphical text editor with wiki like features. It is used to maintain a collection of wiki pages. You can link other pages and add text and images. All datas is stored in plain text files and pages are stored in folder structure. So you can open your notes or pages in any other test editor without any problem.You use Zim to maintain your notes, journals take notes during lectures, organize your tasks,save your blog contents.

It Supports all type of markups, heading, lists, bullets and text features like bold, italic and highlight. Using plugins you and extend its features like equation editor, version control,Spell checking, Calendar pages and Task List dialog. It comes with good auto save feature. so if you close your zim and start after sometime it will opens at the same place where you closed it.

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Zim Desktop Wiki is available for Windows, Linux and BDS. You can download from below links.

Install Zim Desktop Wiki on Ubuntu

Download ZIM [Windows]

Download ZIM [Linux]

Download ZIM [FreeBSD]

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