Vivaldi browser Snapshot released

Vivaldi browser Snapshot is now available for download and testing. What’s new in this Snapshot?

change the Startpage background image or pick a solid color
choose if you want light or dark foreground elements
ability to scale the UI
converting UI to use SVG icons
hide Tab thumbnails when Tabs are placed on the left or right
Add option to disable mouse-gesture
Auto-update for Vivaldi, on Mac OS
Use vivaldi:settings URL instead of vivaldi:settingspage

Select in searchfield dropdown should invoke search
Not whole urlstring selected when focusing addressfield
Fast-forward does not always activate when supposed to
Settings page navigation menu doesn’t work
View-source urls doesn’t work in Vivaldi
Inline search doesn’t globally register esc
Disable url prediction service break keyword search in url bar
Vivaldi can’t be installed without admin privileges
Autocomplete on URL instead of nickname
Can no longer set new single-key shortcuts while they are disabled
Use tab “thumbnail” instead of “tooltip”
Space does not work in settings search
Tab stack tooltip not highlighted on hover
It is impossible to make form widgets focused with SpatNav active
Spatnav doesn’t fire mouseleave event

Download Vivaldi browser Snapshot [Direct links]

32-bit Windows

64-bit Windows

32-bit Linux DEB

64-bit Linux DEB

32-bit Linux RPM

64-bit Linux RPM


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