Vivaldi browser 1.8 final stable released

Vivaldi 1.8 stable is now available for download. Now lets find What’s new in this release?. The main feature of this version is redesigned history page. Now Vivaldi history page will show the traditional list of pages you visited with monthly, weekly and daily overviews. Vivaldi adds new graphs and a color-coded heat map overlay on the history page. It will show your online activity and key browsing trends. Now you can search search with a specified date range in the history page. It searches in context now. This new history page now added in your Vivaldi Side Panel. All history related data is stored in your local computer only.

Now you create your notes with drag-and-drop and it also done some improvements in sound muting like allow sounds in all tabs or only in active tab or background tabs. Now you can disable and enable the auto update feature via Preference. Some other added features are option to set the home page to Start page, search image from the right-click menu.

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Complete Vivaldi changelog:

Download Vivaldi Browser

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