Redesigned Skype for Windows released

The new redesigned Skype for Windows (version) desktop is now available for download. What’s new in this release?

Redesigned UI.
Thumbnail pictures of your contacts.
New bubble-style chat design.
Consistent icons for chat, video calls and audio calls.
more spacing between contacts and chats.
file icons in chat history.
Free group video calls

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Free 12 months of skype group calling

Microsoft is running Skype Collaboration Project special offer promotion  for Skype users.  Skype is a communication software that provides video call, instant messaging, file transfer and voice calls between pc and mobile devices. The complete skype offer details are below given.

Offer details:

You can access free group video calls.
You can also access free group screen sharing.
It also provides live chat customer support.
Without any advertising


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Skype 2.8 for Windows Phone released [Windows Phone]

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Skype 2.8 for Windows Phone 8 is now available for download. What’s new in this version?

Improved start and resume experience.

Changed the Live Tile notifications to show only the number of unread conversations, rather than the total number of unread messages.

Skype for Windows Phone is now available to download in South Korea.


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Skype 6.5 released

Skype 6.5 for windows is now available for download.What’s new in this release?

improved stability of video messaging.
improved notification.
Accepting a contact request will now appear in your instant message view.

Cancel all doesn’t cancel file transfers.
Upon cancel of file transfer the transfer shows as successfully completed.
When one participant accepted file transfer, sender could not cancel the transfer.
Upon connection lost, no notification in call toolbar that the call was lost.
Add phone number not accessible with keyboard.
Skype hangs when selecting offline contact and clicking on call phone.
Skype crashes for some users upon exiting.
Skype crashes for some users when tried to send a file.

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Skype Video Messaging for Windows Users

The Skype has released a new video messaging feature for windows 7 and windows 8 skype beta users that allows you to record video messages and send to your contacts anytime.

New features:

Record and send video messages.
Send anytime
Users will be able to watch the Video Message next time when they’re online.
this feature will require Flash

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Skype 6 released

Skype 6 is now available for download. Whats new in this version?

Microsoft and Facebook Account Integration
IM friends on Messenger
Now Skype in Thai, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Catalan and Slovak (total languages Skype supports to 38)
Visual user interface refresh
Removal of online user count
Display previously created profile pictures
Improved telemetry

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How to install Skype 4.0 on ubuntu 12.04

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What’s new in skype 4.0

1.Go to skype for linux download page and download the deb package file for ubuntu (32-bit or 64-bit).

2.Double click the downloaded .deb package file or open with ubuntu software center and click the install button.

3.Type your ubuntu password if needed and wait until the installation is complete.

4.After the successful installation,click the Dash home from unity launcher.And type skype in the search field.And click Skype to open.


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