WiseStamp Email Apps

Wisestamp Email apps allow users to add signature,personal social profiles and dynamic content such as your latest tweet,latest eBay item, recent blog post to promote on outgoing emails. WiseStamp works on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. It will integrate your signature into Gmail, Yahoo, windows live or AOL mail.

How to add wisestap app to your email?

To add a WiseStamp app to your email

1.Download wisestamp browser add-on. (more…)

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Create HTML Signatures in Gmail

Gmail does support only plain text email signatures. An HTML signature is much better than a normal plain text signature because you can add lots of formatting to make your signature much more professional looking.
To create HTML signature in gmail, just follow these steps.

1.Log in your Gmail account with your email password.
2.Click setting and select labs.
3.Enable Inserting images and Canned Responses and save changes. It will enable images and canned responses on your game account.


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