How to install ocenaudio on ubuntu

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Ocenaudio is free audio editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.It is also based on Qt framework. Using ocenaudio you can edit and analyze audio files.It has a real time preview feature of your audio files. using this feature, you can hear the processed signal while adjusting the controls.

It supports multi-selection feature. With this amazing tool, you can simultaneously select different portions of an audio file and edit, listen or apply an effect.With this tool you can edit very large audio files. It also supports spectrogram view.


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ocenaudio – free audio editor

Ocenaudio is a free cross-platform audio editor. It is based on Ocen Framework.

Main feature:

Supports VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugins.
Real-time preview of effects.
Cross-platform support
Multi-selection for delicate editions
no limit to the length or the quantity of the audio files.
powerful and complete spectrogram view

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