Zeta Resource Editor – .NET resource file editing

Zeta Resource Editor is a free software to edit standard Microsoft .NET string resources from multiple different resource files together inside one single data grid.

Main features:

Edit .NET string resources of multiple resource files inside a single grid control.
Manage even large number of resource files within a Zeta Resource Editor project file.
Arrange multiple resource files in a project tree control, grouping it the way you want to see them, independent on the actual location in the file system.
Cumulated traffic light indicators in the tree (red, yellow, green) give you a very fast overview of the overall translation progress of your project.
Adding, renaming and removing of new resource strings directly from within Zeta Resource Editor.
Grouping in the resource tree. You can thing beyond the file structure by group your resources into a more logical manner or show the content of all files within a single grid.

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SharpDevelop – IDE for the .NET platform

SharpDevelop is the open-source IDE for the .NET platform.
Supported Programming Languages:C#,VB.NET,Boo,IronPython,IronRuby,F#.

Main features:

Windows Forms,WPF,Entity Framework
Refactoring and Parallel build support for multi-core machines
NuGet and T4 support
Multi-framework targetting (.NET 4.0, as well as 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5)
Code Autoinsert
Integrated Debugger
Unit Testing
Setup projects
SharpDevelop Reports .NET open-source reporting solution
XML code completion

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