How to Install MX Linux on Oracle virtualbox

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MX Linux is a Debian based Linux operating system using core antiX components. MX Linux uses the Xfce desktop environment and comes with UEFI installer (64bit & 32bit), automatic enabling of most Broadcom drivers, LUKS encrypted root, home, and swap partition options.In this Install MX Linux on Oracle virtualbox tutorial i am using the below softwares to test it.

MX Linux 18.3(64-bit), Download MX Linux from here

Virtualbox 6.0.10. Download VirtualBox from here

Windows 10 (64bit) with RAM 4GB

Note: If you are using 64-bit guests, you need to enable hardware virtualization in the BIOS on your host system. Boot to your bios settings and find the virtualization or virtualization technology or hardware virtualization or VT-x or AMD-V option and Enable it. For reference see the below image.


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