MetroTwit 1.0 released

MetroTwit 1.0 is now available for download.MetroTwit is a windows twitter client with Metro UI. To know more about MetroTwit click here.

What’s new in this release?

Added multiple account support
Added support for filtering
Added new out-of-box-experience for first time users
Added ability to preview larger user avatars
Added undo tweet functionality
Added Twitter events support for user follows, list membership and tweet favorites
Added support for adding users to lists
Added user full name to username autocomplete
Added CTRL+F shortcut to quickly activate search
Added remove column confirmation
Added faux border for when DWM shadows are not available
Added sidebar artwork
Added “compact sidebar” functionality
Added button to indicate custom column sizing
Added CTRL+TAB shortcut to switch between accounts
Added left/right arrow shortcut to navigate columns
Added add to filter shortcut by right clicking on hashtags and usernames
Added double-click column heading shortcut to scroll to top and mark tweets as read
Added “duplicate tweet “error message
Added ability to mention user from profile options
Added inline errors to application and columns
Added error prompt about Windows 8 compatibility

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MetroTwit Twitter client

MetroTwit is a windows twitter client with Metro UI.

Main Features:

multiple-accounts support
drag and drop images from Windows to quickly tweet.
pictures and videos with popup previews for third-party media services
Autocomplete for usernames & hashtags.
Themes and accents.
Resizable and reorderable columns.
Flawless high DPI support.
Quick-glance notifications.
Windows 7 taskbar integration.
Infinite scrolling.
URL shortening and previews.
trending topics.
Follow the tweet breadcrumbs to read the entire Twitter conversation back-and-forth.

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