Outlook.com a brand new email service from Microsoft

Microsoft has announced a new email platform Outlook.com.This is the new Hotmail, which is now called Outlook.

What’s new in Outlook.com?

Clean Interface metro UI
social integration
SkyDrive integration
Skype integration

Just go to Outlook.com  and sign up for Outlook.com mail account.

You can also upgrade your account to Outlook.com from Hotmail.com or Live.com email address.

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Mark as My friend’s account was hacked!-Hotmail

Hotmail introduce a new feature called My friend’s account was hacked!. It lets you report your friend’s account as compromised.When you get spam messages continuously from your friend, and if you think that this email isn’t really from your friend, it’s from a spammer who has hijacked your friend’s account just click “My friend’s been hacked!” on the “Mark as” menu in Hotmail.


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No More common passwords-Hotmail

Microsoft will soon be changing its password policy, to increase security of hotmail. Now creating a new Hotmail account or changing the password of an existing account won’t be able to use common passwords. Having a common password makes your account vulnerable to brute force “dictionary” attacks. Common passwords are like “password”,“123456”,”ilovecats”,”gogiants.”


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