How to Unbrick Canvas A1 Android One – Flash Android One SPROUT4 Smartphone

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In the smart phone or computer world the word “Bricked” is used when all the possible doors for communicating with your device are closed and when there is no possibility to resurrect your device or smart phone using recovery, software or flashing tools. Some reasons for phone bricking are USB disconnection while updating firmware, while installing Unofficial or custom ROM, Tweaking OS, Rooting your smartphone, and Flashing your phone with Bad Kernels.Bricking can be classified into two categories Soft Bricked and Hard Bricked.

Soft Brick:

Soft Brick is quite common and every android user should experience at least once in their life. When you press the power button if you can see anything on the screen like Startup boot loop, Directly booting to recovery, Frozen boot animation, backlight glow, or Directly boot to the Fastboot mode, then this is signs of Soft brick.The merit is it is easily fixable.


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Adobe Flash 11 beta released(Now with 64-bit support)

Adobe Flash 11 beta is now available for download. What’s new in Adobe Flash 11 beta?

The availability of 64-bit builds for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
the new Stage3D APIs
improved JSON handling and some technical improvements
hardware-accelerated 3D rendering capabilities in the same vein as WebGL
support for H.264 encoding of real-time video streams

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Build your own flash game -100% free

Now start building your own flash game with Stencylworks game creation software.This software is 100% free and works on windows ,mac and ubuntu.It eliminates all technical barriers (No Coding Required).It uses simple and powerful drag-and-drop gameplay designer.For the programmers it offers “code mode” interface via ActionScript 3 API.

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