TableTools2 firefox add-on

Author’s description:
TableTools2 is a firefox add-on to Copy html (table/row/column/cell), Sort (multi-column), Search (regex, range operations ), Filter, Chart (bubble, line, pie, histogram ), Statistics, Rearrange (column/row), Combine & Compare.

Main features:

Auto-detects and sorts multiple data types.
Supports multiple-column sort.
Drop-down list filtering.
Copy the entire table, the selected rows, the selected columns, or the selected cells, to clipboard.
HTML table data could be transformed into a bubble, scatter, pie, line, histogram or a unique frequency chart.
Rearranging and many more

Download TableTools2

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  1. Ushaq Gul Chohan

    Sir I want to this Addon in this firefox version 72.0.1 (64-bit). its very useful for me.. Plz let me know that how can i install this addon.
    Best regards

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