PHP 5.4.5 released

PHP 5.4.5 is now available for download.This release fixes over 30 bugs.What’s new in this release?


Crypt SHA256/512 Segfaults With Malformed Salt
ReflectionMethod random corrupt memory on high concurrent
serialize() generates wrong reference to the object
compile failure: (S) Arguments missing for built-in function __memcmp
Using traits with method aliases appears to result in crash during execution
parse_ini_file() with INI_SCANNER_RAW cuts a value that includes a semi-colon
potential overflow in _php_stream_scandir
information leak in ext exi
php-fpm segfaults (null passed to strstr)
Add process.priority to set nice(2) priorities
when using unix sockets, multiples FPM instances
php-fpm exits with status 0 on some failures to start
Unable to cross-compile PHP with –enable-fpm
php-fpm is not allowed to run as root
php-fpm should not fail with commented ‘user’
FPM drops connection while receiving some binary values in FastCGI requests
fpm don’t send error log to fastcgi clients). (fat) for non-root start
FPM pools can listen on the same address). (fat) can be launched without errors
Erealloc in iconv.c unsafe

grapheme_extract() memory leaks
IntlDateFormatter constructor leaks memory when called twice
Collator::getSortKey() returns garbage
datefmt_create with incorrectly encoded timezone leaks pattern
memory leak in IntlDateFormatter constructor
ResourceBundle constructor now accepts NULL for the first two arguments
json_encode() calls too many reallocs
Custom extension segfaults during xmlParseFile with FPM SAPI
Invalid phar stream path causes crash
readline fails to compile – void function should not return a value
Attempting to invoke a Closure more than once causes segfault
ReflectionParameter::getDefaultValue() memory leaks with constant
__ss_family was changed on AIX 5.3
Inconsistent behavior of RecursiveDirectoryIterator to dot files
RecursiveArrayIterator does not implement Countable
memory leak in the XML Writer module
Upgraded libzip to 0.10.

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