PHP 5.4.12 released

PHP 5.4.12 is now available for download.Whats new in this release?

Wrong TSRM usage in zend_register_class alias.
get_html_translation_table( output incomplete with HTML_ENTITIES and ISO-8859-1.
isset( inconsistently produces a fatal error on protected property.
Bad warning text from strpos on empty needle.
Use after scope error in zend_compile.
Poor efficiency of strtr using array with keys of very different length.
zend_std_compare_objects crash on recursion.
Magic methods called twice for unset protected properties.
fopen follows redirects for non-3xx statuses.

Support BITMAPV5HEADER in getimagesize.
Performance improvements for various ext/date functions.
Comparsion of incomplete DateTime causes SIGSEGV.
php with fpm fails to build on Solaris 10 or 11.
-Werror=format-security error in lsapi code.
sqlite3::bindvalue and relative PHP functions aren’t using sqlite3_*_int64 API.
Multi-row BLOB fetches.
Segfault in PDO_OCI on cleanup after running a long testsuite.
PDO::PARAM_INT casts to 32bit int internally even on 64bit builds in pdo_sqlite.

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