Operating System Market share June 2013

This month Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s iOS is still in top seat. Not much change in this month. But in the mobile space google’s Android is gaining new users rapidly. Just now Net Application released its market share data. First we will see the Desktop and the mobile.

Desktop Operating System Market Share:

According to Net Applications, in june 2013 the total market share of microsoft windows is 91.51%. It is still on top position. Apple’s Mac OS is 7.20% and Linux gains little high with 1.28%.

Mobile/Tablet Operating System Market Share in june:

The total market share of Mobile/Tablet Operating System in June 2013 is below

iOS is 57.56%,
Android 24.66%,
java ME 10.72%,
symbian 2.49%,
blackberry 2.26%
Windows Phone 1.33%,
Kindle 0.77%.


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