NetTraffic : Network Data Rate Monitoring

NetTraffic is a free Windows software designed to monitor data rates and track the count of downloaded and uploaded data through both charts and text displays. The Statistics module provides prognoses, average rates, and real-time information about the current state of data traffic. Additionally, tables and charts offer a comprehensive overview of statistical information over user-selected periods, including year, month, day, and hour.


It provides averages, prognoses, and real-time status updates for traffic, system uptime, and cursor-traveled distance. Users can benefit from tables and charts that visually represent data over selected periods, including options for year, month, day, and hour. The software also facilitates seamless data management with its data export/import functionality.

NetTraffic chart

Some other useful feature ia a notification icon on the taskbar ensures quick access and monitoring. Users can customize their interface by choosing to use all connections or selecting specific ones. The software further allows for a customizable update (refresh) period, with a default setting of 1 second, enhancing the flexibility of data tracking. Additionally, NetTraffic incorporates informative data units in informatics, multiplying by 1024 for enhanced accuracy in data representation.

NetTraffic settings

Download NetTraffic [Windows]

Requirement: .NET Framework 4.8.


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