Mozilla firefox 36 released

Mozilla firefox 36 stable is now available for download.What’s new in this firefox 36?

Pinned tiles on the new tab page can be synced.
Support for the full HTTP/2 protocol. HTTP/2 enables a faster, more scalable, and more responsive web.
Locale added: Uzbek (uz).
-remote option removed.
No longer accept insecure RC4 ciphers whenever possible.
Phasing out Certificates with 1024-bit RSA Keys.
Shut down hangs will now show the crash reporter before exiting the program.
New Add-on Compatibility.

Support for the ECMAScript 6 Symbol data type added.
unicode-range CSS descriptor implemented.
CSSOM-View scroll behavior implemented allowing smooth scrolling of content without custom libraries.
object-fit and object-position implemented.
Defines how and where the content of a replaced element is displayed.
isolation CSS property implemented.Create a new stacking context to isolate groups of boxes to control which blend together.
CSS3 will-change property implemented.Hints the browser of elements that will be modified. The browser will perform some performance optimization for these.
Changed JavaScript ‘const’ semantics to conform better to the ES6 specification.The const declaration is now block-scoped and requires an initializer. It also can not be redeclared anymore.
Improved ES6 generators for better performance.
Eval sources now appear in the Debugger.Debug JavaScript code that is evaluated dynamically, either as a string passed to eval() or as a string passed to the Function constructor.
DOM Promises inspection.
Inspector: More paste options in markup view.

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CSS gradients work on premultiplied colors
Fix some unexpected logout from Facebook or Google after restart
Various security fixes

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