Monitor your Wifi with Wavemon – How to install Wavemon on Ubuntu

Wavemon is a free and open source command line wireless network device monitoring software for Linux. It work as a wireless network manager. It is released under GNU General Public License v3.0. It is based on ncurses programming library that allows to write text-based user interfaces. Using this you can monitor your wifi signal, noise levels in your wireless signal, packet statistics and info, device configuration and network parameters details.

Install wavemon on ubuntu

You can install Wavemon via your terminal application. It is available in Ubuntu repositories (universe). just open the console terminal application (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run this wavemon installation command on ubuntu.

sudo apt update

Enter your Ubuntu user password and run this command.

sudo apt install wavemon

It will install the latest version of wavemon wireless network device monitoring software on Ubuntu. You can open it from running this command.


Here you will get the wireless interface details, signal level, statistics and general info about it.

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Then Press the F2 key to view the level histogram, F4 to scan and F8 for help. You can change the wavemon settings by pressing the F7 key.

For the complete usage details run this command.

man wavemon
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