How to Make Ubuntu Remember the Last Session

You can configure Ubuntu to remember the applications you had open in your last session before logging out. This feature is particularly useful if you can’t successfully hibernate or put Ubuntu into sleep mode. This function relies on the gnome-session setting, which can be accessed via the dconf Editor.


How to Install dconf Editor on Ubuntu:

First, you need to install the dconf Editor on your Linux system using the following apt command. Open the terminal application (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run the command:

sudo apt install dconf-editor

After the successful installation of the dconf Editor on your Ubuntu system, open it using the following command:


Now, navigate to Expand org > gnome and select gnome-session. Here, find auto-save-session in the right-hand pane and place a check in the box. Click X to close the window.

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Test if this works by leaving your browser running and logging out. When you log back in, the app should be running. Couple this with a browser that supports session management to resume browsing for the best results.

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