How to install Ossia Score Sequencer on Ubuntu

Ossia Score is a free and open source sequencer for Linux, Windows and MacOS. Using this you can create interactive shows and it is best application for audio and visual artists. You can use OSC, MIDI, DMX, sound files to create inter media scores in your system. You can customize your scores via JavaScript. Some other features are Max/MSP, PureData, Processing, open Frameworks, Unity3D, modul8 application remote control and manually set any temporal & conditional relationships between events in your score. It is released under CeCILL license and compatible with GPLv3.

Ossia Score Sequencer

Download Ossia Score sequencer [Linux, Windows, MacOS]

Install Ossia Score sequencer on Ubuntu

Ossia Score sequencer is now available as a portable AppImage package for Ubuntu and Linux. Using this you can run Ossia Score sequencer easily on Ubuntu. Go to the Ossia Score sequencer above download page and download the latest Ossia Score sequencer in .AppImage file format and save it on your Downloads folder.

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Now open your terminal app (Ctrl+Alt+T) navigate to your Downloads folder using this command.

cd Downloads

Then type the below command in terminal and hit the enter key. It will change the Ossia Score sequencer appimage file to executable.

Note: Here “ossia.score-3.1.14-linux-amd64.AppImage” is downloaded file name. You can change the below commands based on your downloaded file name.

sudo chmod +x ~ ossia.score-3.1.14-linux-amd64.AppImage

Then to launch the Ossia Score sequencer app on Ubuntu run the below command.

sudo ./ossia.score-3.1.14-linux-amd64.AppImage
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