File System Protector – Lock your file or folder

File System Protector is a free windows utility from NoVirusThanks to completely lock a file or a folder and to deny write access to files and allow read-only access.Using this tool you can block unauthorized accesses or modifications against ransomware like CryptoLocker family or to just protect important files.
file system protector

Using this tool you can prevent the modification of specific files and folders by write your own rules to on your files and folders. You can also specify to monitor any process. It also shows useful information when an action is blocked. It uses the kernel-mode driver to block the access.

You can download this tool by using the below download button. It supports from Microsoft Windows Vista Windows Vista and later. The downloaded file size is below 2MB.

You can edit the rules by going to the rules tab in the software. This can be edited with any text editor.You may need to open Notepad with “Run as Administrator” to edit this file.The rules are updated in real-time after you save the changes, there is no need to restart the application.

Download File System Protector

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