Edubuntu – A Top Educational Linux Distribution for Students and Teachers

Edubuntu is a Free and Open Source Linux distribution, based on strong foundation of Ubuntu. Designed with education in mind, Edubuntu is the ideal choice for classrooms within schools and universities, as well as for enriching learning experiences at home and in local communities.


Edubuntu Top Features:

Extensive Education Software Ecosystem:

Edubuntu comes equipped with a rich assortment of free education software, making it an invaluable resource for educators and students alike. From interactive mathematics tools to creative art applications, there’s something for every subject and age group.

Multilingual Support:

Edubuntu is a global learning platform that supports a wide variety of languages, ensuring that students from different linguistic backgrounds can access educational content comfortably.

Optimized for Older Hardware:

Worried about running Edubuntu on older computers? Don’t be! Edubuntu is lightweight and optimized to perform admirably even on aging hardware, so you can breathe new life into older machines and bring them into the digital education age.

Ready to dive into the world of Edubuntu? Simply follow these steps:

Head over to Edubuntu’s official website to download the latest version of Edubuntu for free.

Download Edubuntu

Whether you want to set up Edubuntu on your PC or laptop, or you’d like to try it out virtually using software like Virtualbox, the installation process is straightforward. Once installed, you’ll have access to a lots of educational tools and resources. Dive into the world of free learning and watch as your or your child’s educational journey takes off.

If you need a helping hand with the installation process, check out our step-by-step installation video, which demonstrates how to set up Edubuntu on Virtualbox. Remember, you can use the same method on your real hardware.

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