DWSIM – chemical process simulator

DWSIM is an open source, CAPE-OPEN compliant chemical process simulator with advanced thermodynamic calculations, reactions support, petroleum characterization tools.

Main features:

Support for Chemical Reactions and Reactors
Supports CAPE-OPEN Unit Operations and Thermo 1.0/1.1 Property Packages
Exposes Property Packages as CAPE-OPEN 1.1 Thermodynamic Equilibrium and Property Calculators
Supports ChemSep’s Component Database and Column Model
Process Flowsheet Diagram (PFD) drawing Interface
VLE/VLLE calculations using Equations of State, Activity Coefficient and Chao-Seader models
Rigorous Distillation/Absorption Column models
Characterization of Petroleum Fractions using bulk properties and/or ASTM/TBP distillation curves and creation of Hypothetical Components using UNIFAC groups
Multivariate Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis utility

Download DWSIM

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