Bytessence InstallMaker

Bytessence InstallMaker is a freeware sofware installer targeted at individual developers or small companies who need to package their software products for distribution.

Main features:

Generates both 32-bit and 64-bit native installers
Scriptless design
Programs can be grouped in installable components
Small installer overhead
Powerful compression (ZIP and BLP/LZMA)
No temporary files are used by the installer unlike other similar products
Able to check for .NET framework, IE versions, CPU speed and RAM size
The installers can check for needed software
The installers can check for running programs, existing installations
Advanced task management (create shortcuts, registry access, component registration, modify configuration files, etc.)
Fully automated uninstaller, no configuration needed (it can also execute user-defined actions for additional uninstallation control)
Customizable user interface for the installer (images, colours, background window, executable icon)
Support for external executable packers (32/64 bit)

Download Bytessence InstallMaker

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