Advanced Strategic Command Turn Based Strategy Game

Advanced Strategic Command is a free-to-play turn-based strategy game, meticulously crafted in the esteemed tradition of the renowned Battle Isle series by Bluebyte. Currently accessible on Windows and Linux platforms. Whether challenging the AI for a solo conquest or engaging in intense battles against fellow human players, ASC caters to diverse preferences. The game supports various multiplayer options, including the classic hotseat mode and the strategic PlayByMail format. Additionally, it serves as the operational backbone for the multiplayer universe known as Project Battle Planets.

Advanced Strategic Command

Download Advanced Strategic Command

How to Install Advanced Strategic Command on Ubuntu

You can install Advanced Strategic Command game on your Linux system, using below flatpak install command.

flatpak install flathub org.asc_hq.ASC

After that open the game using below command or via Show Apps Ubuntu dock application menu.

flatpak run org.asc_hq.ASC

If you don’t like the game, then you can also uninstall it using below command.

flatpak uninstall org.asc_hq.ASC


sudo flatpak uninstall org.asc_hq.ASC

Note: If you don’t already have flatpak and flathub installed,then install them on your system first using the commands provided below. After the installation, restart your system and again start the Advanced Strategic Command installation.

sudo apt install flatpak
flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
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