How to uncompress or open a rar file in ubuntu

If your are getting “Could not create the archive  Archive type not supported.”  error when trying to open a rar file, then you need a .rar  uncompresser. To uncompress or open a rar file...


How to install wordpress on ubuntu (step by step)

To install wordpress on your localhost, you must setup apache and mysql first. We have already posted a tutorial on How to install and configure Apache,PHP,MySql and phpMyadmin on ubuntu.Please read first. 1. Go...


Mozilla Firefox 4 beta 10 released

Firefox 4 Beta 10 is now available for download and testing. What’s new in firefox 4 beta 10? Some new features are 1.Compatibilty and stability improvements in Mac OS X when using Adobe Flash....


Follow Appstore on twitter

Great news for Apple and twitter users now you can get all the news about new apps, get exclusive offers, and share the news with your friends. Apple has launched new twitter account for...


How to Install Mircosoft Windows fonts on Ubuntu

In ubuntu you can install microsoft windows fonts using below methods. First install Microsoft’s TrueType Core fonts.This font pack contains Andale Mono, Arial, Arial Black, Comic Sans MS, Courier New, Georgia, Impact, Times New...

1 promo codes January 2011

New year offer from the new january month promo code from to take advantage of: $9.25 .COM and .NET registrations and renewals $8.49 .ORG registrations and renewals


Paul Cézanne’s 172nd birthday google doodle

Today google celebrates Paul Cézanne’s 172nd birthday and the new Google Doodle is showing different letter of “Google” based on Still Life painting. Paul Cézanne (19 January 1839 – 22 October 1906) was a...